How to be a Positive Thinking Person

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            Many people have a different caracter each other, but when he think about something he must have a feeling with his thinking. If we are talking about positive thinking there are negative thinking too. So what we must doing to become positive thinking person? Actually negative thinking came in our mind in some condition. First when we are angry or dislike to someone. This condition can recognize our self to be negative thinking person. So we should control ourself from this attitude. There are how to be Positive person in my opinion.

            Don’t Judge By The Cover

         This statement is unknown in public, yes this statement are teaching us when we find something bad in our eyes. But actually this is not bad like we think. So when we meet someone in the first time. We should know more about him and not think in the first time we meet.

    Always Positive Thinking in Every Condition

         Anything happen with us just think about the positive effect to our self, because all what happen with us there are may be we doing something wrong or a mistake. Just think positif and take the positive effect with every bad news happen with you. If you positive thinking with all the problem happen to you, you can solve your problem easier than before.
            Remember the Kind and forget the Bad

         Dont care how big his mistake to you just remember his kind to you, if you always think about his mistake to you. It just make you more anggry and difficult. Just think positive and forgive all his mistake to you it become your heart quite and happy. And then you can positive thinking perfectly.

          Okey, many ways we can doing to be postive thinking person, so you can find it by your self. Positive thinking is very important to us, because it can be positive effect to our life. May be you can do three ways to be positive thinking in the texts. But you may be dont agree with my opinion. Its Ok, no problem to me. So we can sharing each other and discus about how to be good people in everytime. Thanks 

Hello, My Name is Dzik


Hello everybody, my name is Dzikrul, I am a student in university. I wanna tell you about this blog. Yeaah.. I write this blog to tell all about my experience in my life. Including my hobby and other. Actually I can’t writing english well. So I use this blog to improve my skill in writing english. I wanna write this blog with english and arabic language. So i am sorry if there are many mistake in grammar or the vocabulary.

I like writing and reading, many book I read like historical and literature book like novel, short story etc. But I still write it in Indonesian language, may be someday I’ll try to write a short story with english and arabic too. My first time I like english is when I study in senior high school in Bali. My English teacher is young and fun. She is beautiful and persuade all the student to love english language. At the time, finally I started to learn english more than before.

Many thing we can doing for learning english. first with a song, yes english song can make our listening skill well. We hear the song and than know the meaning of the song. I learning english with a song when I am sttudying in the senior high school. And then with a fun game, yeah I like this method, we can learn english with a game, there are some group and then we are doing language competition and who faster and do the best. They are become the winner. I like competition hahaha.

I think enough, for anyone who read this blog may be we can discus and sharing our knowledge about language. Personally, I am so sorry if my grammar and language is so bad. But, if I continue writing, litle by litle, I sure my writing skill become better than before. Thanks you..